• Date:June 17, 2020, 2:26 am

Hitting The Mark With Jai Alai

One of the most fast moving game of sport is the Jai-Alai. It started in the 1700s in the country of Cuba. The Spaniards learned this game in the 1900s and it became a sport to love. They called it "pelota vasca" meaning "merry festival". The Spanish word "pelota" means ball.

The size is " in diameter and it is very hard compared to a basketball. The ball is made by man and it consists of rubber and covered with a layer made of linen thread. Topping this are the double coatings of treated goatskin specially made and finished smooth.

This exciting game is played with a "cesta". This is a wicker basket that is lone and curved. The frame and the ribs of the cesta is covered with a unique reed which is handwoven. Then the cesta is again filled with a glove and tied to the hands of the player. The player uses this to throw the ball at a high speed more than150 miles or 240 kilometers per hour.

The play begins on a court with three walls approximately 54 feet high . However this may vary at various courts. The object of the game is to make the opponent miss the ball or pelota. The ball is served with a very strong swing and the ball hitting the walls give out a thunderous sound.

The players are conditioned to be fit and fast in their movements to anticipate the oncoming fast ball. This is a very interesting game to watch as it holds the spectators spellbound. It is a very fascinating game to watch as the players move gracefully to keep the ball in the cesta before it is hurled to the wall again. Helmets are a must for every player as a hard hit on the head could cause serious injury or even death.

The players must exhibit a tremendous amount of coordination of the eyes, arms, and legs. Imagine two players moving back and forth the court to trap the ball in to the cesta. Spectators bid on the players that have shown to bring wins. Sometimes there are four players to build two teams.

A good combination of players makes a good team to win. Bets on doubles or two teams can go for 10 to 40 points or the singles can go for a score of 5-10 points.

Not all bettors get to go inside the gallery section to watch. Others view the game on a television monitor and watch the score and consequently get their share of wins. One game is sometimes quick to end and one event could lasts to four sets of play.

Since this game became a legalized sport in the state of Florida in 1935 pari-mutuel wagering was permitted. This gave the state a percentage from the profits of the total amount of bets. The good effects of the pari-mutual method paved the way for government projects such as education .

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