• Date:June 17, 2020, 2:26 am

Casino Job Levels; From Runner to Stunner

A casino is not only a playground of the rich and famous and all the wannabes in between, a casino is also serious business and a great source of jobs. Every big casino on the Las Vegas strip for example has thousands of jobs to offer and we will show you which jobs are available at the entry level, intermediate level and the higher levels of a casino hierarchy.

There are indeed many different job levels that can be found in casinos. The lowest job levels consist of the casino floor jobs. These jobs include all the dealer jobs such as Blackjack dealers, Baccarat dealers, poker table dealers etc. Then we also have the individual lottery jobs which belong to the floor level jobs. The lottery jobs consist of runners, who serve the players directly by running around in the casino, and we have the writer who take note of all the tickets and who duplicate the numbers of each ticket passed. These jobs can be taken with minimal skill and offer an entry salary of $8 to $10 in an average casino. The dealer jobs require the game knowledge, shuffling skill, mathematical skill, and communication skill. The salary for dealers is higher than the other floor level jobs and also includes much higher tips.

The intermediate job levels require a basic education in the field and level you apply for. This casino job level includes the job of pit supervisors who supervise the immediate gaming pits and the dealers. We also have the security and surveillance team who observe through the eye in the sky and through uniformed and undercover ground patrols. Another casino job in this level is the accounting department that consists of the casino cashiers and the casino accountants who exchange the money into casino chips and vice versa.

The upper levels of casino jobs require leadership, management, and social skills. These casino jobs include the floor, pit and casino managers as well as the advertising and marketing team. These jobs are offered to people with a college degree in these areas and require organizational skills. The upper level casino jobs are the jobs that keep the casino running and organized. The highest available job is the job of the owner or president or the casino, which is usually a privilege to normal people.

All these different job levels make up the working forces of a single casino. One comes to realize that a casino is not an easy undertaking and requires good skills, knowledge and education.

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